What are Mindful Cyborgs?

Mindful cyborgs is a movement to help people place themselves in "airplane mode" and not their devices. The movement aims to create a dialog focusing on contemplative technology, critiquing the status quo and creating mindful spaces where practitioners can use technology in safe and kind environments while they support their meditation practice. 

The movement is supported by a podcast and local meetups.


Our podcast focuses on contemplative living in the age of quantification, augmentation and acceleration. Simply put we like to take a mindful look through alternative technological awareness.


Our meetups are two hours long and involve meditation, technology, and kindness. Clear seeing tells us this will not change anytime soon. How do we be mindful in such a hyper-connected world? Each session begins with group meditation, followed by a device contemplation topic or reading and discussion. Gadgets are welcome! 


 Chat with us on slack.

Chat with us on slack.