Working with notifications

How does our phone inform us, what opportunities are there for mindfulness are there in these settings?

 There are three types of feedback:

Seeing, Hearing, Feeling. 


How do you use notifications to help you be more mindful?


What are some notifications you could create to make yourself more mindful?

1. Calendar appointments for support

2. Reminders / Tasks based on support

3.  Emails from the future (time cave)

4.  Emails from the past (dabble me)

5.  Apps from the Past (Timehop / dabble me / Day one)

6. Reminders / Tasks based on support

7. Location based support, Reminders, Applications

Applications (Tiny Buddha)

8.  Behavior based triggers (Ifttt, If the music is loud, send me a text message)

10. Environmental triggers (if it Rains, get’s warm)

10. Biological triggers (When I don’t sleep enough)