About Meetups

Meditation Session Overview: 

Shamatha meditation, which stands for peaceful abiding

• 20 minutes sitting and walking mediation. 

• 10 minute welcome 

• 20 minute Dharma talk, reading, technology exercise.  

WARNING:. Our sessions are tech positive and you are encouraged to bring your cell phones, tablets, laptops, fitbits, and smart home appliances.  We believe technology is a chance to practice.  If meditation would be difficult with constant interruptions this may not be the group for you. If you think you can't focus, this is the right place for you. 

What is Mindful Cyborg Meditation?

If you are interested in meditation, technology, and kindness then you will be thrilled with this program. Our world is filled with technical distractions, emails, notifications, alerts, and information. Clear seeing tells us this will not change anytime soon. How do we be mindful in such a hyper-connected world? Can we learn to move through data and information to knowledge and wisdom? In Mindful Cyborg Meditation we will explore these questions. Each session will begin with group meditation, followed by a device contemplation topic or reading and discussion. Gadgets are welcome! Please feel free to bring any of your mobile devices.

Are you a Mindful Cyborg?

o Do you sometimes wonder if your life is controlled by technical distraction?

o Have you become anxious when your phone is about to die?

o Are there meditation apps on your device?

o Is the battery percentage displayed on your device?

o Do you have a different ring tone for each of your family members?

o Has anyone ever commented on the applications on your phone?