Episode 58 - Consciousness Hacking With Friends and Mikey Siegel


Chris Dancy

Sara M. Watson


Mikey Siegel 

My current interests center around technology and consciousness.  Specifically I’m working to create tools that facilitate people’s own path toward higher consciousness, self-realization, awakening, however it is you may describe the experience of transcendence.  I’m careful not to put it in terms of feelings like happiness, joy, ease, etc., because its easy to get caught up in framing a particular set of feelings as the goal.  Feeling good is wonderful, and it would be great if we could feel good all the time, but we don’t.  So if we set our sights on only feeling good, then we’re setting ourselves up for a bumpy road.  We’re going to end up rejecting a whole bunch of our experiences because they don’t fit into our expectations.  And that is what we do.  We reject so much of what is, and get lost in our minds.

What if we could create technology that would help us in our own efforts to be more mindful, present, and accepting towards what is?  This same technology would naturally also help us to feel better, reduce stress, be more peaceful, more accepting, and happier.  Technology alone can’t do any of these things for you, but it can help facilitate that process.  And the process I’m talking about has been practiced in one form or another by countless individuals across cultures and religions for thousands of years.  It is a process of going within, quieting the mind and knowing thyself.  What if the technology that surrounds us every day, in our pockets, on our walls, at our fingertips, could be used to help us learn about ourselves rather than perpetually distract us?

I believe we all have the potential to live easeful, peaceful, and balanced lives. But in order to get there we need to cut through a whole bunch of internal noise.  Modern brain researchers are continually shedding new light on thousands of years of consistent wisdom on the nature of reality and human experience.  We know its possible to change the way our brains work, and we know its possible to experience a reality free of stress and suffering.  My goal is to apply that knowledge to the creation of tools that help us increase the efficiency of our own efforts towards that end.

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