Episode 73 - Minty Neocolonism

 Flying in a Lucid Dream

Flying in a Lucid Dream

  Brother’s register to vote screenshot

 Brother’s register to vote screenshot


Chris’s TED Talk

Tristan Harris’s TED Talk

Submit your home screen images—tweet them at @mindfulcyborgs for an iPhone palmistry reading.

Mindful Cyborgs Meetups

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

Just Not Sorry Chrome Extension

Slate post about Just Not Sorry

Tell us where you want to have a Mindful Cyborgs conference! Maybe October 2016? Tweet us @mindfulcyborgs.

Motherboard “Connected” with Pamela Anderson

(Yeah, we know it wasn’t really a 49 minute show. We lost our connection early on so the counter on our recording platform was off. Regardless, thanks for listening!)