Episode 50 - Data-driven Introspection and Surveillance Culture with Eleanor Saitta

Eleanor Saitta works professionally as a computer security expert, but more generally she "looks at how systems break" - computer, social, infrastructural, legal, and more. She comes on the show today to share a unique perspective on surveillance / security culture that we have found ourselves enmeshed in. Don't miss this one (or part 2!).

Episode 29 - Present Shock, Corporitism, and Life in the Digital Media Environment with Douglas Rushkoff

Douglas Rushkoff is an American media theorist, writer, graphic novelist, documentarian, and more. With his (now) nostalgic book Cyberia and various columns, he was one of the few journalists to go deep into the early days of the internet and cyberpunk culture in the 90s. He comes on the show mostly to discuss the ideas in his newest book Present Shock. The gang refer to this episode and Douglas' work pretty regularly in other episodes, and for good reason!

Episode 14 - Attentionalism, Netocracy, and the All-Consuming Flame of To(day)morrow with Alexander Bard

This is one of our most popular and referred shows (and for good reason!). Alexander Bard is a Swedish Internet Philosopher and Sociologist. He also is a record producer, songwriter, and a religious and political activist. This episode is a Mindful Cyborg's wet dream -- are you a Netocrat? Consumtariat? Is Attenionalism beating capitalism? Zoroastrianism? A seriously fun mind-expanding romp with one of the internet's wildest prophets.

Episode 3 -The Noisiest of Our Preoccupations, Blended States, and Documentary Vision with Nathan Jurgenson

Nathan Jurgenson is a social media theorist, researcher at Snapchat, contributing editor at The New Inquiry, co-founder of the Theorizing the Web conference, and a pHD student at the University of Maryland. This show is brought up in subsequent episodes more often than any other one, and for good reason. Digital dualism, the state of connection in a digital world, and much more make this a classic Mindful Cyborgs episode.